Aki Fish pre-order details 2021

Please check it below - 淡水魚フィギュアの事前購入の詳細です(英語)

Heres a closer look at our packaging for the Fresh Water Fish 😊

A few pieces still available. Send us a message to order 🐟🐟🐟

Order Details

Fresh Water Fish "淡水魚" - Design by Akinori Oishi Drawaholic

Limited Edition 50 Pieces

Handcrafted Resin Figure

USD 35 / JPY 3,800 / PHP 1,700

International Shipping Fee

+ USD 30

Figure Size Dimension

L 5.25 Inches

W 1.5 Inches

H 2.5 Inches

Akinori Oishi

Instagram: @akinori_oishi

Facebook: www.facebook.com/akinori.oishi.art

URL: www.aki-air.com

Produced by Part Time Collectibles

Instagram: @parttimecollectibles

Facebook: www.facebook.com/parttimecollectibles