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Aki Fish the figure toy 2021

** NEWS : Aki's upcoming figure product! ** "Fresh Water Fish" (淡水魚)

Concept and Design by Akinori Oishi

Produced by Part Time Collectibles / Manila, Philippines

** If you are interested, please contact to PTC (Part Time Collectibles)



information from PTC :


Introducing our first collaboration with Akinori Oishi

Fresh Water Fish - Design by Akinori Oishi

Aki’s Fish has the Chinese name "淡水魚" - it means Fresh Water Fish. The Fresh Water Fish is originally designed for Aki's Taiwan trip back in 2019, specifically the visit to Tamsui (淡水) District, which is known for it's beautiful fisherman's wharf and town.

Preorder details will be up soon!

Resin Figure

Limited Edition 50 Pieces

Size Dimension

L 5.25 Inches

W 1.5 Inches

H 2.5 Inches

Akinori Oishi

Instagram: @akinori_oishi

Produced by Part Time Collectibles


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