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Aki NFT the 2nd ChikoRoko! 2022

Aki NFT the 2nd design featured by the famous character project "Chiko & Roko" -「チコ&ロコ」で知られる人気キャラクター、カスタマイズ・プロジェクトによるNFT作品シリーズの第2弾です!

Hello, friends!

How long would you like to live? 100 years? 150? Even though life is short, smile while you still have teeth. Besides, the world always looks brighter from behind a smile, says Aki Nori, our latest gift for you 😊

Collect it NOW and smile!

This gift was made by Akinori Oishi @akinori_oishi, a multimedia artist from Osaka, Japan. To him, smiling is a win-win way for children and adults to communicate.

How often do you smile? 😃

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Bruno Lima
Bruno Lima
20 ott 2022


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