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Daily Snaps on store 2022

"Daily Snaps" by Akinori Oishi, online store Flanbé (Buenos Aires) -

Please take your Daily Snap with Aki’s tiny character (you can use with the attached postcard) … ! -『写真日記』フランベ出版(ブエノスアイレス)オンライン・ストアにて。付属のミニカードであなたの写真日記も撮影楽しんで下さいね。


Limited Edition of 100. Inside. Chambril White paper 120g Cover. Natural Evolution Ivory paper 280g Postcard. Letterpress in cotton paper Rives Natural 400g Format. 105 x 148 mm Pages. 100 ISBN. 978-987-47614-5-3 Year. 2021


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