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Daruma 2024

Aki tiny characters drawing on Daruma (Japanese Lucky Doll) -達磨さんに絵を描きました。

Aki だるま 達磨


日本群馬縣高崎市是達磨不倒翁的原產地,至今全日本的達磨不倒翁有絕大多數都是高崎市生產的。其中Mashimo工房@darumaya.mashimo 便為相傳了三代的職人工房,由職人真下輝永手工製作,是相當傳統且高品質的達磨不倒翁,且與非常多的藝術家和品牌合作製作出了各式各樣的達磨,這次很榮幸能夠與Mashimo合作,製作出可愛且能帶來幸運的達磨。

When you think of the fortune souvenirs in Japan, darumas will always come up to your mind. Daruma has become one of the most famous lucky charms since Edo period. The eyebrow is the symbol of the crane, the mustache means the turtle, which are the symbolization of the Bodhidharma that brings the luck. The darumas was originated from Takasaki city of Gunma, most of the darumas are made in Takasaki city since the beginning. Beyond all the daruma workshops, Mashimo workshop @darumaya.mashimo is one of the famous workshops that has been passed on for three generations, now made by the craftsman Mashimo-Terunaga., which remains high quality and the cultural features of daruma. Mashimo workshop collaborates with many artists and brands to produce all kinds of darumas. I’m honored to collab with Mashimo and design my own cute lucky darumas.


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