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Exhibition at Le Signe, France 2022

Le Signe - Centre National Du Graphisme, Chaumont / France - 2022.06.22-10.23


The exhibition « Manga », open until 23 October, features a selection of historical references as well as contemporary and experimental productions originating from the means used in Japanese comic strips. The etymology of the term manga highlighted by the Japanese and international works shown, emphasizing the idea strolling, exaggerating, drifting and the relation of language to cinema, as openings to ways of writing and designing graphically.

You can discover and consult a selection of historical and popular documents, as well as contemporary creations by the Japanese artists Akinori Oishi, Nagi Noda, Daito Manabe, Tetsunori Tawaraya and Yuichi Yokoyama, as well as the French artists Shoboshobo, Corentin Garrido, Helmo and M/M Paris.


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