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Aki new figure “KINOKO (mushroom) FAMILY” produced by Okedoki Studio from Canada - カナダのオケドキ・スタジオから新作フィギュア「きのこ家族」の発表です!ご注文は、オケドキ・スタジオの詳細をご確認ください。

Kinoko Family designed by Japanese artist Akinori Oishi celebrates family connections and closeness.

Kinoko means Mushroom in Japanese. Similar to a family, mushrooms communicate and bond through their mycelium root network. 

What is visible above ground is a small fraction compared to the memories and stories shared through time that are not visible.

This project started at the beginning of the pandemic and it is fitting we honor our connections with one and other. 

We thank Akinori Oishi for his patience, attention to detail and artistic professionalism.

Additional info:

Designer: Akinori Oishi

Production: Okedoki and Betty

Medium: resin

Limited edition of 12

4 figures in the set. Packaged in a custom wooden box with a sliding lid. Beautiful box art is designed by Akinori Oishi.

Height: Father is 4.5 inches, Mother is 4 inches, Sister is 3 inches, baby is 2 inches.

Price: $285 USD

Available for preorder from Nov.09 2022 at


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