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Novi Sad Tourist News 2022

"Nasmejani likovi japanskog umetnika u Novom Sadu" (Smiling characters of a Japanese artist in Novi Sad) the blog article by Tourist Organization of Novi Sad / Serbia - 「ノヴィサード市に来た日本人アーティストによる笑顔のキャラクター」セルビア/ノヴィサード市観光協会のブログ記事に掲載されました。

English translation :

As part of the "School of the Future" program segment organized by the European Capital of Culture Foundation, Japanese multimedia artist Akinori Oishi will be in Novi Sad in April. He developed his knowledge and skills in Japan and France, and previously worked as a professor at the University of Arts in Tokyo. Today, he is very active on the Japanese art scene, and his art is recognizable by the tiny, smiling characters of interesting shapes that he paints on various surfaces and locations.

So far, during his stay in Novi Sad, Akinori has held many art workshops for children and youth, and he has painted his unusual art in several places in the city. Basically, all the locations for presenting his art, Akinori chose himself. One of the first locations he wanted to paint was the Info Center of the Tourist Organization of the City of Novi Sad on Freedom Square. After receiving all the necessary information about the main tourist attractions of Novi Sad, he drew them in accordance with his vision.

We are sure that his art will be recognized by fellow citizens and tourists all over Novi Sad, and that it will make them smile, which is the main motto of Akinori's art.


 欧州文化首都財団が主催する「School of the Future」プログラムの一環として、日本のマルチメディア・アーティスト、大石暁規氏が4月にノヴィサード、セルビアに来ました。彼は日本とフランスで知識とスキルを磨き、以前は東京の芸術大学などで教鞭に携わりました。現在、彼は日本のアートシーンで非常に活発に活動しており、彼のアートは、彼がさまざまな表面や場所に描いた興味深い形の小さな笑顔のキャラクターによって認識されています。




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